Unfortunately, when the payment processing company declines a transaction on behalf of your bank or card issuer, it does not tell us why.

You will need to contact your bank or card issuer to find out the specific reason your card was declined since they are the one declining the transaction, and not us.

Your card may have been declined by your bank or card issuer for a variety of reasons; common reasons include:

Your card issuer or bank may require a Card Verification Code (CVC).

Many credit card companies are now requiring the card verification code (CVC) found on the back of your card to be submitted with every transaction attempt. It is illegal for us to store this number, and the decision to require the CVC is made by the card issuer, not Covcell. As a result, some cards will work the first time, but fail every subsequent time.

There are not enough funds available to process the transaction.

If you recently deposited funds to your debit or prepaid card, sometimes those funds are not available right away.  Likewise, if you recently made a payment to your credit card, your payment may not have been applied to your account yet.  Also, if another merchant has placed a "hold" on your account, this may unexpectedly reduce your available balance.  Contact your bank or card issuer, or log into your account on their website to check your balance.